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 Greater New York Asian Women For Health (AWFH-NYC) is a 501 (c) (3) women led NGO.


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AWFH-NYC is a women lead, community based health organization dedicated to advancing Asian Women’s health through providing communities with critical access to free breast and cervical cancer as well as mental health workshops to deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate health education to the public with an emphasis on preventative care.

Connecting women on important health issues, and giving voice to their personal journeys to become inspiring agents of change. Building an online family to share information and support, while reducing language barriers and time restriction.

Improving public awearness on women’s health issues

Partneted with clinics and doctors to increase the public awearness about the breast cancer, cervical cancer and mental health.

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Advocacy For Asian Women’s Health

Building community and institutional alliance for public health policy research for Asian women to advance health disparities.

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Public Education on Asian Women’s Health

We orgernize educational workshop, keynote speaker, women’s health conference.  

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Network For Young millennials Asian Women

A new model of women’s health network based in greater New York City and globle.  

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We Are Commited To Asian Women Health
We vividly advocate for Asian women to advance their health disparities.

A Columbia graduated healthcare professional and a skilled and passionate community advocate, a dedicated community organizer and trainer, Corinne has provided capacity building, technical guidance and network enhancement to community-based organizations and providers serving Asian Americans in the greater New York area. Both mainstream and Asian media outlets have featured Corinne’s efforts and highlighted her dedication to reducing health disparities related to mental health, and breast cancer. She also serves on the following committees: the National Advisory Panel on Addressing Disparities for PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute), the National Advisory Council the for Asian & Pacific Islander National Cancer Survivors Network.  

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Corinne Chen

founder and president of Greater New York Asian Women for Health

"We are working very hard to achieve our goal".
We are working at almost twice the capacity, and we are still pushing to our limit.
You Believe, We Can
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Why are we better than our peers?


We collaborate with top ranked doctors, clinics, hospitals, and institutions all over the world.


We are a winning team that has been working to promote asian women health since 2010


We have built up our unparalleled reputation by keeping committing to the services no one else can provide


We are well connected with a broad network of doctors and clinics over 200 locations


Our volunteers will get connected within 2 days, and start right way serving the community.


Our customers are happy with our services since day one, and they keep coming back